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Our mission is to deliver a disruptive grid edge digital energy platform to allow all forms of distributed generation and load to make a dynamic contribution in the relevant energy markets, whether as an individual unit or as an aggregated group of assets, providing flexibility, resilience and system stability at the lowest possible price.

The 4 Ds of energy change

The energy sector is in the midst of an unprecedented transformation. Decarbonisation, Decentralisation, Digitalisation and Democratisation are four macro trends that have been reshaping the entire energy ecosystem.

The energy transition brings about a number of key challenges that need to be overcome around the integration of renewables, and the need for greater flexibility, stability, resilience, and visibility across the energy system.

Consumer-centric products and new business models are needed to cater for the different way in which we generate and consume energy, and the radical shift towards fully digitalised, multiple technology-enabled energy uses.

Amp X is here to turn all the challenges associated with the ‘4D’s’ macro trends into valuable opportunities for the creation of a future-proof grid.


The drive towards decarbonisation continues with some countries already committed to net zero targets over the near term. Global supplies of wind and solar electricity are growing faster than expected, and consumer adoption of small renewable sources speeds up as they become more affordable.


The grid is evermore decentralised with the exponential increase in distributed energy resources (DERs) at the edge of the grid. DERs are fast growing in variety, sophistication and cumulative scale. They aren’t just a part of the current and future energy system: they are going to dominate it.


Digital technologies are advancing at an astounding rate: ~ 7.5 million digital devices come online each day. As sensors and processors become more affordable, we can gain visibility of the distribution grid which has historically been a “blind spot'', and we can coordinate DERs to provide grid flexibility.


Democratisation is driving towards the emergence of novel market constructs at a local level in highly disaggregated markets. In time, this will translate into a fully transactive grid where consumers/prosumers are able to trade energy and flexibility with other participants in the energy marketplace.

About Amp

Amp is a global energy transition platform.

We develop, own and operate clean energy assets throughout our core markets around the world, alongside Amp X, our disruptive grid-edge technology platform utilizing proprietary artificial intelligence expertise. The company is headquartered in Toronto with global operations throughout Japan, Australia, India, Spain, Czech Republic, UK and North America.

Founded in 2009, Amp is a high-growth disruptor at scale, backed by major investments from institutional capital partners including most recently the Carlyle Group, which invested US$374 million into the company in late 2020.

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20 years in the energy industry

Irene has spent most of her career as a global Key Expert at Engie, delivering multi-million dollar savings through operational and commercial performance optimisation of thermal generation assets, and ground-breaking technology programmes. She has also led an international programme on energy blockchain at the World Energy Council.

Irene Di Martino

Executive Vice President, Head of Amp X

20 years in the aerospace & defence industry

Rod’s experience is in control, autonomy and human-machine interaction, ranging from engines to helicopters and battle management systems. He has 4 granted patents in the autonomy field.

Rod Buchanan

Technical Director

20 years in the energy industry

John's experience includes time in trading, commercial, regulation, EU affairs, policy and public affairs. He has worked for National Power and National Grid, where he was a member of the System Operator Executive Committee.

John Prime

Head of External & Regulatory Affairs


A perfect amalgamation of creativity
and technical know-how

A diverse and multidisciplinary team with expertise in key fields of the energy sector
Petr Vojáček
Head of Software Engineering
Robert Suhada
Head of AI & Machine Learning
Vaclav Moulis
Head of Comms & Control Systems
Rafael Villarroel
Head of Electromagnetic Design
Steve Deslandes
Head of Power Systems Engineering
Michael Krastev
Head of Product

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We are a diverse and multidisciplinary team with expertise in key fields of the energy sector

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